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Can a marriage with your affair partner last?

Don't panic if your husband or wife threatens to "take you for everything you're worth," says "you'll never see your kids again," or promises to "tell everyone at your office what a low-life you are. Unless your ex is truly incapable of reason or of putting the needs of your children first, they'll set the worst of their bitterness aside when it's time to make important decisions. Be patient; they deserve it. Don't rush to hire a pitbull attorney Your spouse will probably come to accept that no judge can make this right.

At that point they'll likely be open to an out-of-court process. Set the stage for a constructive co-parenting relationship by hiring a lawyer who prefers to keep things peaceful. A bad spouse can be a great parent You didn't cheat on your kids. Don't stay away from them out of guilt, or let shame hobble you in discussions about a time-sharing schedule.

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Still, don't insist on everything you want right away It's normal and common for a cheated-on spouse to have difficulty engaging in productive discussions about kids and money. Can you blame them for being outraged that you can perpetrate this injury and remain entitled to half of all they hold dear? Consider pressing pause on financial negotiations while feelings settle.

And, within reason, consider accepting a bit less time with your kids in the beginning. If you don't push for too much too fast, you're likely to land in a better spot. There's no such thing as a free emotional lunch Whether your affair was fleeting or ended in happily ever after, you'll need to grieve your losses. So if you're not already in therapy, now's a good time to start. And while you're at it, learn what you can about why you chose cheating over more direct, constructive approaches to dealing with your relationship woes.

News Politics Entertainment Communities. Opinion HuffPost Personal Videos. I'm not the morality police, but there are reasons why infidelity is the "trump card" of bad marital behavior, including: Whatever feelings you may have towards them should not take priority over the welfare of your kids, and that is where respect comes in.

Can a marriage with your affair partner last?

During an affair, most of the communication between affair partners is around the problems with their spouses. When a divorce finally goes through, they may end up not having anything to talk about anymore! Because the relationship started off amidst chaos, one of the partners may intentionally or unintentionally create chaos and drama because that is the only way they know how to connect with their affair partner. Learning how to talk to each other without the chaos will require the facilitation of a therapist.

Talking and listening are skills , and men and women both communicate differently. This is often the most difficult part of an affair relationship.

Divorce is not always wrong

Children can cause a lot of conflict in this relationship because of ex-partners who were hurt by the affair. I am always saddened when adults end up using children as pawns. Children are naturally loyal to their parents, but they can be emotionally manipulated, and forced to choose between the two. This is completely unfair on the child, and creates emotional turmoil. This is why, when a third party appears on the scene, children can often become very disrespectful or rebellious towards the affair partner.

They fear losing their parent to the affair partner, just as they lost their family unit. I always highlight how important it is that children should never feel like they are in competition with the affair partner for attention. On the other hand, it is also very important that children are able to build a relationship with the affair partner, particularly if they are going to end up being a stepparent.

Often, stepparents also have children so it is vital that children feel part of the new family, and all children are treated equally.

The Cheater's Guide to Divorce

Another matter to consider is a new set of in-laws. Not only do affair partners have to deal with ex-in-laws, they also need to include new in-laws in their new relationship. I often hear affair partners complain that ex-spouses phone at all hours of the day, over weekends, and constantly check up on the children. It is important to set boundaries from the beginning. Individuals need to agree with their exes that they will only make contact over urgent matters, and to communicate about the kids not about arbitrary things.

There are other boundary issues that can be worked out with a professional therapist to ensure mutual respect for everyone involved. Are you a sex addict?

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