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The way it ended was weird she passionately made out with me goodbye for a goodbye kiss and told me to take it day by day and to reach out but give some time she was crying and so was I. Few days later my buddy saw her out making out with her new boyfriend and meeting his family. She already knew the family locals I was distant not from her town. Never spoke to her again. The sex was crazy though lol. She dumped you so me I would keep moving on Get her out of your head as quickly as you can. I doubt she'll come back, but even if she did, you should ignore her. It's not going to work long-term so keep looking, as discouraging as it may be.

She was seeing the guy and that's why she broke up with you. See it for what is is.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If She Has A New Boyfriend

Marcostripp Send a private message. Ignore it no matter how bad you want to respond,if you just don't want to be alone that's not a good reason to look for a relationship,till your comftrable being alone. I can get women but she was really cool when she was cool if that makes sense.

Also feel comfortable hooking up with her because I did so much. The bad part is the feelings will come back stronger. Sex was good lol I dont mind being alone seems like she does. Well in my opinion if you don't want to catch feelings for her just don't respond and that's good that your comfortable being alone.

I dated a guy for almost 3 years and we broke up. Within 2 months, I met someone new, totally unexpected! Would you go back for a hook up? It seems a percentage of girls feel comfortable hitting a x back instead of trying to talk to a new guy, since they are used to the old thing. Obviously not all girls but I do remember her saying she would hook up with old ex when she was single. Here's a song for you: Think I like this version better: My move would be simple. Lean back, put my boots up on the table and blow a smoke ring into in air with a huge grin on my face.

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My move would not be to comfort her or try to see her again. Bro that's how most women are they'll say they love someone this and that then break up ,move on to the next guy and do it again,I've had great relationships so I'm not just some petty guy,but also I've read girls move on faster than guys,just remind yourself why you don't like her,unfollow her on social media it's for the best. Zombie Send a private message. By now she knows him well enough to know what he is about.

If she finds herself thinking something like,. Then that is a very good sign because it means you are winning the comparison battle against her new guy.

Relationship Advice? Ex-Girlfriend Started Dating Someone New

Humans in general are drawn to things that make them feel good and flee from things that make them feel bad. Sometimes women can get something called the grass is greener syndrome GIGS.

Part 3: Healing During No Contact When she is dating someone else

For example, if your ex girlfriend breaks up with you and starts dating someone new who treats her really well like we talked about in the comparison section above your exes GIGS is going to be verified and as a result it is going to be much harder to get her back.

Of course, the GIGS can also work in your favor big time. I want you to be aware that the GIGS exists and could have been a possible reason for the breakup between you and your ex. Those of you who are avid readers of my site have probably read this guide and this guide. In those particular guides I talk a lot about the importance of the no contact rule. The No Contact Rule- A certain period of time where you purposefully cut off all communication to your ex girlfriend. Well, when I originally wrote this article back in you could see that I clearly erred on the side of caution,.

Typically speaking there are two lines of thought on the length of time you should be waiting after the no contact rule,. One of the greatest fears for men who enter into the NC rule during this situation is that their exes are going to get so close to their new man that they will completely forget about their old one. Ok, imagine if you completed your no contact rule and called your ex and begged for her back.

Not only is this needy and desperate but it is too big of a statement too soon.

Instead if you did subtle things like liking a picture on Facebook then your ex is going to sit there and wonder,. Timing is an important concept for you to grasp here because if your ex is in the midst of a honeymoon period with her new guy whenever you start to try anything it might be met with a very cold disposition.

Some of you may be wondering where I came up with this and for me to fully explain that I have to tell you a story. When it was all said and done our little project had done 49 days of no contact before she reached out. Our research suggests that on average it is going to take you anywhere from 3 to 6 months to get your ex girlfriend back. Imagine that your new made up girlfriend is best friends with her ex.

Relationship Advice? Ex-Girlfriend Started Dating Someone New

Someone who used to sleep with her, who used to touch her in all the ways you get to. Your girlfriend talks to her ex every single day and he provides her with emotional support support that is supposed to come from you.

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Like I said above, it is very rare for a man to be ok with the fact that his girlfriend or wife is good friends with her ex. In other words, you becoming friends with your ex is going to cause your exes new man to go absolutely ballistic when he finds out that she is talking to you and this is what you want. You want HIM to do all the work in making you look like a star. Providing emotional support for your ex girlfriend when you become friends is really where you are going to shine.

If you can get her to open up to you and trust you enough to let you in then I guarantee that you are going to come out looking like a star. When I talk about providing emotional support I am not talking about helping her with her own relationship. If she asks you for relationship advice on him I want you to decline as politely as possible. As long as you are a constant presence throughout your exes life it will create enough annoyance in the new guy to cause the downfall of their relationship. But perhaps the most brilliant part about this strategy is that it forces your ex to choose between the new guy and you.

You may not know this about me but I have a private Facebook Group for people who are going through breakups. About a year ago I remember I was doing one of these lives and a real therapist who happened to be in the group was watching. She dug in and defended her position and I dug in and defended my position and everyone got treated to a show for ten minutes.

After the experience I literally when I was left to my own thoughts I began to agree with the therapist. I get hired to come up with strategies like this for a living. Someone will pay me money and ask,. When it comes to getting an ex girlfriend back who is with someone new the worst thing you can do is just sit around and do nothing.

We have also worked on re-establishing a friendship with her so that you can provide her with emotional support and her new boyfriend may cause a few fights over it. A big mistake I see a lot of men making is the fact that they jump into the deep end instead of wading into the shallow one when it comes to building attraction. I know I should initiate No Contact and I should try to improve myself and try to fix the toxic parts of our relationship, which I have been doing, but how long do I do NC for?

And do you think I still have a chance at getting her back? You might have to consider if getting back is truly the best choice. In the time you've been dating her, the relationship has repeatedly ended which clearly indicates a problem between both parties which may require change from both ends and not just you.

However, if you still intend to get back with her, 30 days of no contact seems right given the time frame of the you guys getting together from June till August. If after no contact, she is still dating the guy or doesn't indicate interest to be with you at that time, you might have to consider walking away even longer for now.